Road Trip 2022


Road Trip 2022 (RT2022)

Lake Eyre Sunrise (2017 Trip)

With the prospect of colder weather and a yearning for getting on the road again, K and I are in the middle of finalising our plans for our 2022 road trip. The start of our journey last year was dictated by Covid, state border crossings and Covid compliance requirements, but we eventually managed to get to WA and have a great experience. This year our planning seems to be dictated by everyone else having similar plans such that some of the areas we are hoping to visit are booked out, with NSW and QLD school holiday periods adding to the problem. Add to this the further layer of the on-going rain event that has prevailed on the east coast during the past two months and we are having to go into a lot of detail and make bookings that in some cases are more than two months away.

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