TAS2020: The Walks – Leven Canyon

Two days before we were due to leave Tasmania we had booked into a log cabin on a nature reserve off Loongana Road close to Leven Canyon, so we planned to spend out last full day exploring the walks in the Canyon. There are two starting points for three walks: one to two lookouts and one to the canyon floor. Our plan was to walk to the lookouts in the morning, return to the cabin for lunch and drive back for the canyon floor walk. As it happened, we did all three in the morning.

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TAS2020: The Walks – Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit

Setting out from Bicheno at 08:00 in an attempt to beat the crowds on our planned walk to Wineglass Bay on Freycinet Peninsula, we arrived at an almost empty the car park and were walking by 09:00. I completed this walk in 2019 and decided to leave my camera behind for two reasons: I has previously taken quite a few photos (as presented below) and I wanted to travel as lightly as possible, knowing how tiring the last leg of the walk was the last time!

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TAS2020: The Walks – Crescent Bay

The Tasman Peninsula offers a wide range of walks with varying degrees of difficulty and ranging in length from 2 hours to 4 days (the three capes walk). Yet again, the weather for our one full day on the peninsula influenced our walk selection. The Crescent Bay and Mount Brown walk appealed to us, so we set off from our campground at White Beach and headed for the carpark at start of the walk, which, to our surprise, was very busy on account of it being also the access to the Remarkable Cave.

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TAS2020: The Walks – Mariotts Falls

Although this was not a particularly long walk it was presented a bit of variety in terms of vegetation, topography and ground conditions, which we were warned about by a fellow walker descending with his boots covered in mud. We had intended to complete this walk last year, but time was somewhat challenging. So, this year we made sure that we had plenty of time.

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TAS2020: The photography

The Leven River: Reflections

Please note: this post has been written for photographers and is therefore quite lengthy and does get quite technical

For me, one of the primary objectives of our tour round Tasmania was to develop my skills in photographing subject matter that sits outside my normal genre, the built environment, and to come back with a few images that are worthy of potentially offering as framed photographs for sale and as possible competition entries.

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TAS2020: Back Home

Bridge over the lake at the Tasmanian Arboretum

It is now the morning of Thursday 7 January and I am back sitting at my desk, having disembark the ferry yesterday morning after another very calm crossing. The end to the 26 day trip came with mixed emotions. On the one hand, we would have liked to just keep going, but on the other hand we have responsibilities to attend to, like work!

However, we are back and I am pleased to complete the day to day posts by reporting two major wins.

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TAS2020:Day 25

Inside our log cabin for the last two nights of our adventure – a log fire, a glass of red and a good book!

Yesterday was a driving day – the most kilometres (300) for a while – travelling from the camp site at Weldborough to our log cabin at the Mountain Valley Wilderness Holidays site near Loongana at the southern end of Tasmania’s Central Coast district. This was Kerena’s chance to sight and photograph a platypus, a Tassie Devil and a Quoll.

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