Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope you find something that interests you.

I have set this up as an addition to my main web site so that I can share ideas, activities and the occasional rant about all things related to the built and natural environments.

I will also intend to include informative posts about various photographic processes, techniques and equipment.

Although my roots are in architectural and interior photography, the 2020 Covid19 pandemic and its associated forced restrictions gave me a golden opportunity to explore other media, such as aerial, timelapse and video and to experiment with other genre’s including abstract, landscapes and, most recently, wildlife.

This site gives me an outlet for these broader horizons, for exploring potential new directions for my professional photographic activities and perhaps identifying and acknowledging where my limitations and boundaries lie.

Posts related to my current outdoor activities can easily be found by clicking on the ‘Travel‘ menu tab.

Posts that feature technical information about  my photography are listed under ‘Photography

Martin Leitch

This month’s image:

Pine Lake, Tasmania, features the Pencil Pine – one of Tassie’s rarest trees

I own the copyright for all images on this site, so please do not download any – if you would like copies, please contact me

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VIC 2023: Falls Creek

Pretty Valley Pondage After 25 days of continuously working at an event in Adelaide, a day off on Christmas Day, a 720 km day drive…

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Overseas2023: Barcelona

Barcelona from the Tower of the Passion, Sagrada Familia Having studied the famous architect Antoni Gaudi at university, I was very much looking forward to…

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Overseas2023: Salzburg

Salzburg Cathedral from the Fortress It was with great expectation that we were looking forward to a relaxing train trip to Salzburg after the stresses…

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Overseas2023: Prague

Charles Bridge Having enjoyed almost unbroken great weather in Scotland, Friday 23 June was a miserably cold and wet day to be leaving Edinburgh bound…

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Overseas2023: Manchester

Looking south to Lake Windermere Having had a continuous stretch of great weather in Scotland, it changed as we were leaving to drive to Manchester…

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Overseas2023: Mull

Tobermory After a family focused weekend and everyone went back to work, our next trip was to the Isle of Mull on the west coast…

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Overseas2023: Orkney #2

Stromness Harbour I have already introduced one of our activities on Orkney – a visit to the doctor. This meant a trip into Stromness in…

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Overseas2023: Orkney #1

Having arrived in Orkney on Monday evening, it is now Wednesday morning. After two nights of very broken sleep due to coughing bouts, I have…

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