About me

I have spent a life time photographing buildings and urban landscapes and a career in the design, construction and management of buildings. In 2015 I combined these two areas of expertise to become a professional photographer specialising in the built environment.

My professional photography business focuses on completing assignments for architects, designers and construction companies.

However, membership of my local camera club has generated interests in other genres and generally improved my skills in a number of aspects of photography. This is supported by my renewed interest in the outdoors: bushwalking; camping; and exploring.

These activities have also opened my eyes to the power of photography to tell stories. So, through this platform I aim to share my experiences with you through words and photographs in a way that perhaps challenges you to view the world through a different lens.

So, whether you are interested in photography, travel or understanding more about the world we live in, there is something here for you.

I encourage you to comment and express your views and, in doing so, broaden the conversation to other readers. Thank you.