Visiting: Guildford Lane

Greening your Laneways

Not everyone is lucky as I am!

When I open my blinds in the morning I am greeted by a view of open ground, green trees and, in the background, Mount Macedon. Although some of the main streets in Melbourne feature a leafy canopy providing shade from the summer sun and soften the otherwise hard cityscape of concrete and glass, the many backstreets and laneways offer no such relief. Continue reading “Visiting: Guildford Lane”

Photographing Flinders Street Station


In July 2016 I wrote about the features images I took of Flinders Street Station. These were for a contractor’s submission for the repair and refurbishment of the station. The contractor, Built Pty Ltd, was successful with their submission and has subsequently appointed me on behalf of Major Projects Victoria to take the progress photographs of the project.

Located on the corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets and stretching a block and a half along Flinders Street, the station’s administration building is one of Melbourne’s 20th century icons. Continue reading “Photographing Flinders Street Station”

Exploring Castlemaine


Catching the sun at the best time of day at this time of year can be quite challenging. With a full day of sunshine forecast, I organised a photoshoot in Kyneton a couple of weeks ago. However this assignment required me to be on site early in the morning and late in the afternoon to catch the sun in the best positions. Since this resulted in a big gap of time in the middle, I decided to drive on up the road to Castlemaine to take some photographs there. Continue reading “Exploring Castlemaine”

Sssh, don’t tell my wife!


Photographing interiors is never straightforward, with a lot of time spent tidying up the subject before shooting. On a recent assignment to photograph a newly fitted out office interior, I arrived early in the morning before the cleaners to find the corridor floor covered in white marks. On enquiry, I discovered that the air conditioning engineers had been in the day before and had been poking around above the ceiling tiles, hence the mess. Continue reading “Sssh, don’t tell my wife!”

Flinders Street Station – close up


Thousands pass through it every day, but how many notice it’s classic design?

Flinders Street Station is one of the many Melbourne architectural icons that present great backdrops for visitor and tourist photographs. Yet the majority of the photographs of the building are taken from across the street or attempt to capture the whole building from an immediate proximity. Continue reading “Flinders Street Station – close up”

Creating complementary services


Gone are the days of a career that spans the full working life of an individual, to be replaced with a much more flexible attitude to work and experience. In fact, these days if you have been in a job for any length of time, depending on the industry, you could be disadvantaged when applying for new jobs. Such is the nature of the employment market Continue reading “Creating complementary services”