Exploring Castlemaine


Catching the sun at the best time of day at this time of year can be quite challenging. With a full day of sunshine forecast, I organised a photoshoot in Kyneton a couple of weeks ago. However this assignment required me to be on site early in the morning and late in the afternoon to catch the sun in the best positions. Since this resulted in a big gap of time in the middle, I decided to drive on up the road to Castlemaine to take some photographs there.

One of the buildings I visited was the information centre, located in what used to be one of three building that housed the Castlemaine market, the other two having long since been demolished. There is quite a history to this building, commencing with its construction 1862 and falling into such a state of disrepair in 1967 that it was declared unsafe. With funds originally from the National trust and local donations restoration work commenced in 1968. When it was clear that the restoration work was viable, additional funds from the City Council, the State Government and the Federal Government were committed to enable the restoration of the building to be completed in 1973.

Today the building houses the information centre and a central exhibition space. The outstanding features of the building include the external brickwork, the exposed roof structure and operational gas lighting. Displaying a fine example of Georgian architecture, the building is listed on both the Victorian Heritage Register and the National Estate Register.

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