WA2021: Not there yet

Junkyard at Silverton from yesterday's visit

As I mentioned in my previous post Contingency Planning, we are dealing with a number of variables outwith our control. Having set out this morning, armed with a border permit to cross into Queensland, our aim was to get to the Burke and Wills Dig Tree. I was told that I perhaps should not broadcast where we are going, so like the Government not setting targets for vaccinations, I will resist the temptation to tell you where we are heading from now on (because it is likely to change). From this you will gather that we are not there yet, ie across the QLD border!

The drive up the Sliver City Highway (Silver City being Broken Hill) to Tibooburra close to the QLD border was pretty easy with bitumen for the 330km from Broken Hill. We left early and arrived here for lunch. Before heading off, we went to fill up with diesel. They say to always get the inside information from a local, so who better than the man at the servo? The news was not good – the road across the border is closed.

Not only that, but the shortest way to where we were going is through South Australia, for which we of course need a passing through permit. We lodged these at 2 o’clock, just enough time to make it to our destination, but we are still waiting.

When we realised that we had run out of time, we booked into the local caravan/camping ground and once again our evening will be spent looking at our options.

Tibooburra, aboriginal for ‘A pile of rocks’, is the most isolated township in NSW. It certainly lives up to its name as you can see looking down on the campground:

Yet again we are spending our evening planning routes, distances and timings to get into WA. At least we have an internet connection, it is warmer and the wind has gone!

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  1. Very pleased you have seen the positive side of being in Tibooburra. See you on an episode of Outback Truckers coming soon.

  2. Keep up the determination and hopefully borders will open soon and the weather improve. Stay safe thoughts are with both of you.

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