Study Tour #2


Sitting in the morning moonlight at a bush camp next to Jasper Creek on the way from Dunmarra to Kununurra, I had time to reflect on the first few days of my study tour.

From Alice Springs to where I am currently located there has been little in terms the built environment, but it has given me the opportunity to practice my skills at landscapes. However having now arrived in Kununurra, it is surprising what can be found if you look hard enough.

The header image – Ivanhoe Crossing, the Ord river

A derelict shack at Timber Creek starting to succumb to the elements and vegetation


The patterns and texture of the crags on the Victoria Highway can surely provide some inspiration, or simply used as abstract graphics.


Irrigation systems close to the river Ord adapt the natural flow of water for the benefit cultivating the land to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. This area does not lack any water, courtesy of the Argyle Lake, see below.


Covering 1000 square kilometres, this dam holds back 10,750 gigalitres of water in the massive Argyle Lake. The outflow of the Ord River provides irrigation to the lush agricultural land around Kununurra.


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