Flinders Street Station – close up


Thousands pass through it every day, but how many notice it’s classic design?

Flinders Street Station is one of the many Melbourne architectural icons that present great backdrops for visitor and tourist photographs. Yet the majority of the photographs of the building are taken from across the street or attempt to capture the whole building from an immediate proximity.

Its not until you get up close and zoom into parts of the building that you really start to appreciate the intricacies of the façade and the interplay between its various components. A recent project aimed at capturing the essence of the building through its details and features for a client’s project documentation allowed me to take the time to focus in on the many patterns, textures and materials that comprise this famous building’s elevations.

The following is a small sample of the images, illustrating some details that are difficult to fully appreciate from street level.

You can view all the images on my web site: http://bit.ly/29hD9K7.

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