More preparation

Vent detail 3

Setting up a project to shoot progressive photographs of a construction project, as outlined in my blog post ‘Preparation, preparation, preparation’, is only the first step in achieving a successful outcome. If you are not properly prepared for each of your regular visits, you good project set up will be for nothing.

You will only do these once – arrive on site once to find your memory card full, camera battery low on charge or not have the correct paperwork. Continue reading “More preparation”

Preparation preparation preparation

Vent detail 2One of the many things I have learned from my career in design and management within the built environment is the importance of diligent preparation before embarking on a project.

The prospect of photographically recording the progressive development of a construction project involving multiple visits from start to finish is no exception. In fact, the better prepared you are for any photographic assignment, the better the outcome. Continue reading “Preparation preparation preparation”