Visiting: Guildford Lane

Greening your Laneways

Not everyone is lucky as I am!

When I open my blinds in the morning I am greeted by a view of open ground, green trees and, in the background, Mount Macedon. Although some of the main streets in Melbourne feature a leafy canopy providing shade from the summer sun and soften the otherwise hard cityscape of concrete and glass, the many backstreets and laneways offer no such relief. Continue reading “Visiting: Guildford Lane”

Visiting: Turpin Falls


Having visited Turpin Falls a couple of months ago to find it dry without any water running (see banner image), it was added to my many places to revisit. The pre-requisite, of course, was that there had to have been significant rainfall to result in a decent flow. So, on Saturday morning, I reckoned that the weather had produced enough rain and set out for the falls, with the hope that the rain would clear to allow me to take a few photographs. Continue reading “Visiting: Turpin Falls”