Sssh, don’t tell my wife!


Photographing interiors is never straightforward, with a lot of time spent tidying up the subject before shooting. On a recent assignment to photograph a newly fitted out office interior, I arrived early in the morning before the cleaners to find the corridor floor covered in white marks. On enquiry, I discovered that the air conditioning engineers had been in the day before and had been poking around above the ceiling tiles, hence the mess.

So, there was nothing for it but to dig out the client’s industrial vacuum cleaner and ‘do the vacuuming’. But please don’t tell my wife or she might get ideas …..

Once I got down to the real reason for being there I ended up with a series of shots that my client, the fitting out contractor, was very happy with:

Martin’s ability to interpret a broad brief and produce a series of images that accurately reflect the essence of the project we recently completed for Wacker Neuson has proved invaluable in promoting the quality of our office fitout services to our market and prospective clients.
Elliot Arnup, Marketing Manager, Bowen Interiors.

Here is a small sample of the results, click here to see the full set.

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